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Microsoft Small Business Server 2000

"Small Business Server 2000 allows small-business owners to license a single product that addresses their networking, communication, collaboration, mobility and Internet needs at a price that represents a tremendous value," said Katy Hunter, Microsoft group product manager in the Windows .NET Server Division.

Microsoft's Small Business Server 2000 Certificate

We will second that Katy. Truly an amazing product for businesses with up to 50 pc's and serious minded software developers and network professionals. SBS makes everything easy to use and manage.

Goddard Professional Software has been using and servicing the product since September 1999 with great success. Our customers benefited because our developers had the opportunity to learn, create, and test their SQL Server Scripting, Database Replication, Outlook Workgroup Solutions and Forms, Intranet Sites, and Client\Server Applications.

Our developers benefited because they learned important networking principles like server hardware configuration of networking adapter cards and ISDN modems; server software configuration of TCP/IP settings, Proxy Server and Client Networking configuration, Exchange and User Profile administration, Disk Mirroring, and customizing Office 2000 installations.













Microsoft Certified Professional